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Fix your home today w/ affordable rates of home repair services in the Philippines from Carousell listings. You can find home repair professionals for as low as PHP 2K.

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Home Repair Services in the Philippines

As long as you live in your home, you’re going to encounter much-needed repairs for your home because of how often we use it. There are going to be some repairs that we can manage by ourselves or that we can leave alone for a while. However, if you don’t get home repair services as soon as possible, it can aggravate the issue and only add to the repairs that you need. Thus, if you find that your home has an issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional as soon as you can.

With that said, your home can break apart in ways that you wouldn’t even know possible so it’s easy to feel like you’re out of your league when faced with a home repair issue if you don’t do it very often. Well, if you need to, you can always hire a carpenter to get through the structural issues that your home might have. The price for an initial request for a carpenter can be as low as PHP 99 to PHP 108. It will change based on the task at hand. Aside from hiring a carpenter, though,  you might also simply want to improve the look of the flooring in your home. If you’re looking for floor polishing services or floor sanding services, there are also plenty of providers that can do that for you for the initial price of PHP 60 to PHP 162 that can increase. One essential appliance that most of the homes out there likely have would be a television or a TV. However, that, too, is something that can break down, and instead of buying a new one, you might want to hire a TV repair service which is also aplenty and available for the initial price ranging from PHP 250 to PHP 450. Another essential appliance in your home that might encounter a repair service would be your washing machine and the dryer. Since it washes your clothes clean, it is both convenient and efficient in helping you manage your home, but if it breaks down, you will want a washing machine repair service to handle it. The price for such a service costs on average PHP 500, to begin with. Instead of fiddling around with these appliances yourself, consider hiring a professional that will efficiently repair the appliance for you so that you don’t end up breaking the item instead of repairing it. Over time, the paint throughout your home will fade no matter what type of paint you use. In this case, to ensure that your home looks as good as new, a simple repainting service can help get the job done. If you’re looking to hire a painting service, the initial costs would be around PHP 60 to PHP 2,000 overall. These home repair and maintenance services near me are going to be helpful whether you’re looking for home repair services in Metro Manila or anywhere else so that you can have a list of providers on call for your needs.

You can find a number of home repair and maintenance service providers from the Philippines listed on both the Carousell website and app. You can use the chat feature on Carousell as well so that you can discuss with the listing owner what their services are, how much it costs, and negotiate payment terms all in one place. You won’t have to worry about canvassing for the right service provider because they’re all in one place all for your convenience. You can have the home repair service that you need in no time and you can even filter out the listings that don’t fall within your budget.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the most common home repairs that people need would be the following: aircon repair and installation, roof replacement and repairs, repair and installation of pipes, water heater repairs, and many more.

General repairs for your home aren’t that costly and can be quite affordable if it’s your usual repair needs that aren’t too dire. The price for the services can range anywhere from PHP 60 to PHP 2,000 for the initial repair costs. The service provider will then add on more of the costs the more repairs and the like they will encounter while dealing with your home.

If you’re looking for home repair services near you, you can look for them through Carousell where all of the home repair service providers are conveniently listed on one website or app. It’s like online shopping, except it’s home services that you’re getting so that you won’t have to do the canvassing for these professional services by yourself.

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