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Clean and sanitize anything with the help of these sanitizers and disinfectants for sale in the Philippines as seen on Carousell. Get them for as low as PHP 1 today.

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Sanitizers & Disinfectants for Sale in the Philippines

If you want to keep things as clean and sanitized as possible, then you should consider getting some sanitizers and disinfectants.

There are many reasons why you need to consider getting sanitizers or disinfectants and one of them may be because of your job. In some cases, you need to get these sanitizers to be hospital-grade for the purposes of your work. If this is the case for you, then it’s going to cost you around PHP 60 to PHP 3,800 overall. You might also have a need to disinfect often. To make it more convenient for you to achieve that, then you could just get yourself a dispenser. The price of a dispenser is going to cost you somewhere around PHP 1 to as much as PHP 9,500 overall. Sometimes, you just want to have a sanitizer while you’re on the go, so you want to get one that you can bring with you in your pocket at all times. With that said, the average selling price of some hand sanitizers is going to range anywhere from PHP 1 to PHP 31,500 overall. There are some cases where you want to sanitize an item with the help of UV lights. If this sounds like something that you need, then it’s going tp cost you around PHP 1 to PHP 13,500 overall.

Carousell is a convenient site to find all sorts of things such as sanitizers and disinfectants for sale in the Philippines in one place.

Frequently asked questions

The average selling price of sanitizers or disinfectants is going to cost around PHP 1 to as much as PHP 349,999 overall.

Sanitizers are typically alcohol-based solutions that reduce the number of microbes on a surface. They work by killing most, but not all, of the germs present on a surface. Disinfectants, on the other hand, are chemical solutions that kill almost all types of microorganisms present on a surface. While sanitizers may be more convenient for everyday use due to their fast-acting properties, disinfectants may be more effective in controlling outbreaks or preventing cross-contamination in healthcare settings.

While both processes involve using cleaning agents, there are some key differences between the two. Sanitizing is the process of reducing the number of germs on a surface to a safe level while disinfecting is the process of killing germs completely. Sanitizing typically involves using chemical agents like bleach or alcohol to reduce bacteria levels while disinfecting involves using antibacterial products like hydrogen peroxide or quaternary ammonium compounds to kill germs completely. Knowing which process to use in different situations can help you ensure that your home or workplace remains safe from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are essential activities that help keep our homes and workplaces safe and healthy. Proper cleaning helps to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from surfaces. Sanitizing kills germs on surfaces while disinfecting kills a wide range of germs on surfaces. The importance of proper cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting cannot be overstated. It helps to reduce the spread of infectious diseases by eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other organisms from our living spaces. It also helps to maintain a cleaner environment which can improve air quality and reduce the risk of allergies or asthma attacks. Additionally, it can help to extend the life of furniture and appliances by preventing them from becoming contaminated with dirt or grime.

With the current pandemic, it is no surprise that people are looking for ways to save money on sanitizers and disinfectants. Secondhand sanitizers and disinfectants can be a good purchase idea if you are looking for an economical option. Before you get one, make sure that you check the expiry date of the product before making a purchase. Furthermore, it is advisable to use products from trusted brands and retailers in order to ensure safety and quality.

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