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Find other home services in the Philippines for your specific home needs today w/ Carousell. With prices starting @ PHP 30, you can find affordable home services easily.

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Other Home Services in the Philippines

The needs that we have for our homes are aplenty and they can differ with each day. Therefore, if you have more specific home repairs and renovation needs, this section is where you need to go. Whether it’s buying home materials or getting service providers in your home to help solve a problem for you, you can find a service provider or supplier available that can assist you.

Some of the home services that you are looking for wherever you are in Metro Manila, or anywhere in the Philippines, might not fall under the common categories of home services. However, they’re still services that you might want to have access to at one point or another.  For example, if you’re planning on transferring land titles to someone else or you’re about to receive the title yourself, then you need help to make that process smoother for you. If this is the case for you, then you can find land title transfer services available for prices ranging from PHP 15,000 to PHP 17,000. These service providers can help you with the transfer of title as well as the tax declarations needed for the procedure. If you are holding an event somewhere and are looking for people who might offer portable toilet services for rent or for sale, there are also people who can deliver that to your home or wherever the event is. The price of a rental can start at PHP 100 but will increase depending on the rates of the provider. Another time of home service that you may need would be a massage. Plenty of people find massages to be a great way to relax the body after some hard work, and you can get massage service to your home straight away if you need it. The price for a massage service can cost you anywhere from PHP 250 to about PHP 999, depending on the provider of the service. If you want to get that spa experience without having to leave your home, then this is the way to do it. Another type of service that you can get for your home would be an appraisal of the fair market value of your property. If you’re planning on selling your property at some point or you’ve gotten into real estate investments, then knowing the true value of your property as it is now will definitely help you make wise decisions and guide your steps moving forward. For this type of home service, you can expect to pay anywhere from PHP 7,500 to PHP 9,000 to get a PRC-licensed real estate professional to appraise your property for you. Home security is something that more people are interested in. If you’re one of those people, then you’re probably looking for an installation. You can also get PABX repair or installation services for the starting price of around PHP 800.

Since some of these other home services can be difficult to classify, finding them all in one place is difficult, but with the help of Carousell, it’s much easier for you to find the service that you need when you need it. You can narrow down your search based on the prices of the service or item that you are looking for through Carousell. Another convenient factor is the chat feature that’s built into the Carousell app and website. You can then use that feature to talk directly with the person who posted the listing and discuss and negotiate with them all in one place.

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There are plenty of other home services that are available in the country that are affordable and readily available depending on what you’re looking for. However, in general, the range of prices for household services outside of the usual scope can range anywhere from PHP 30 to PHP 70,520,000, depending on the service that you’re looking for.

Carousell is a great place to book other home services because of many reasons. It’s convenient to use as you can look for whatever household service you want all in one place. You can even narrow the choices down based on your budget and the type of service that you’re looking for. You can also get in touch with the home service provider directly through the chat option. You can even narrow it down to which ones offer meet-ups and which ones have the delivery options. All-in-all, the range of cheap home services available and the convenience make Carousell a great place to find the home service provider for you.

Aside from cleaning, repair, and renovation services that are available, the more unique household services that you can find would be a land appraisal, land title transfer services, personal trainers, at-home massage service, laptop or computer repairs, and many more.

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