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Don't let your home or office stay dirty for long. Hire cleaning services in the Philippines in your home/office w/ Carousell. Rates can start as low as PHP 2.5K.

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Cleaning Services for Hire in the Philippines

Cleaning the home can be a tedious task even on the best of days. Luckily, there are plenty of home cleaning service providers available that can help alleviate the workload of managing and maintaining your home in certain aspects. If you’re having a busy day or simply aren’t in the mood to do these home maintenance services yourself, you can always hire someone else to clean your house for you.

There are plenty of cleaning services that you can book for your home. One of the most basic forms of cleaning services that you can have for your home would be the studio or one-bedroom general cleaning service. You can book this service for as low as PHP 900. There are also service providers that can connect you with professional maids, cooks, and home care providers that can help you deal with your home maintenance. You can get the help of these helpers into your home for a price ranging somewhere from PHP 7,000 to PHP 8,000. These days, though, your usual cleaning service isn’t going to be enough. A lot more people are interested in getting disinfection services for their homes and even in offices to ensure that their environment is as safe as possible from all sorts of things. Luckily, home disinfection services are easier to access nowadays. This type of home cleaning service can cost you anywhere from PHP 100 to PHP 30,000. Some of these service providers even come with certifications to ensure that you’re getting the level of disinfection that works the best for you. Aside from the whole house cleaning services that you can usually get, you can also have some specific cleaning services for minute parts of your home. For example, you can have a carpet cleaning service to ensure that all the carpeting inside your house can ensure that your carpeting doesn’t have any dust, dirt, and unpleasant odors. It will also keep them clean and look as good as new. With that said, the price for a carpet cleaning service can cost you anywhere from PHP 150 to PHP 1,500. Speaking of cleaning the carpet, you can get upholstery cleaning services using steam cleaning as well. The steam cleaning can help not only with the carpets, but with your sofas, mattresses, beds, and more. The price for such a service can cost you anywhere from PHP 1,000 to PHP 1,500. Something similar to a cleaning service but not quite would be a pest control service. If you feel like there are an uncomfortable and uncontrollable number of pests in your home, or you simply want to ensure that you don’t have any pests in your home, then book a pest control service for your house. The price of such a service can cost you somewhere from PHP 800 to PHP 1,800 depending on how comprehensive you want the service to be.

With the number of cleaning service providers in the country, it can be difficult to find who exactly to contact. Luckily, you can always use Carousell to get in touch with these cleaning service providers. Through the website, you can narrow down your choices based on whether you need one-time cleaning services or a regular cleaning service. You can also narrow down your choices based on the services outside of the usual home cleaning that you need. You can also discuss and negotiate prices using Carousell’s chat feature on both the site and the app.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on how thorough you want the cleaning service to be, the price of the usual cleaning service can range anywhere from PHP 2,500 for a standard-sized condo or house.

If you are looking for a house cleaning service, you can get either a one-time cleaning service or arrange for a regular cleaning service at a set time. Aside from that, you can get steam cleaning services for your upholstery and carpets. You can even get pest control services as well as a disinfection service for health and safety issues.

Finding cleaning services on the Carousell website or app is a great way to get a list of cleaning service providers all in one place. It’s not only house cleaning services that you can get. It can also help you find pest control services as well as disinfection services too. You can also conveniently talk directly with the providers through the chat feature too.

A professional cleaning service can help give you a more thorough cleaning of your home in a more efficient way. If you’re particularly busy, a professional can help take that work out of your hands and you can spend your time on other things outside of cleaning your house, even if you just want more free time.

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